Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thanks, Mr. President! Bush Again Stops Tax Money to U.N. Abortion Agency

President Bush has once again decided to withhold funding from a United Nations agency that is involved in the forced abortion campaign officials in China use to curb its population. This is the sixth year the Bush administration has said the U.N. Population Fund wrongly backs the one-child policy. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte sent a letter to Congress on Thursday alerting lawmakers to the decision.

Congress had decided to spend $34 million on the UNFPA program, but Bush revoked that funding under the federal law, called Kemp-Kasten, that allows the president to remove taxpayer funding from any group that promotes forced abortions.

Because the UNFPA has a history of supporting the program, which has been criticized by human rights and pro-life groups for its forced abortions and sterilizations, President Bush said taxpayers shouldn't be forced to fund it...

Here's more on this story from LifeNews...including contact information so that you can send along a hearty thank-you to the President.