Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amnesty International's Abortion Policy Continues to Draw Protests

The negative repercussions of Amnesty International's decision to pursue the protection of "abortion rights" continues...and for sound reasons. And, as is usual, it is principled Roman Catholics who have taken the lead in protesting the new policy, a policy obviously irreconcilable to AI's purported defense of human rights.

In the latest responses, Monsignor Angelo Bagnasco, head of Italy's conference of bishops opened their conference with a strong denunciation of Amnesty International's "astounding inclusion" of abortion among recognized human rights. And, a bit further north, the Guardian (U.K.) reports the Catholic church in Northern Ireland is taking up the disbanding of Amnesty International support groups in Catholic schools there.

In relation to the banning of school Amnesty groups, a church spokesman told the Guardian: "An inquiry did come from a school principal, on behalf of the teacher who is in charge of the school Amnesty group, asking for guidance on the future of the Amnesty group in the school. The advice to the school is that it would be inappropriate for the school branch to continue in existence in the context of Amnesty International's new position regarding abortion."...

Unless and until Amnesty International recognizes that the promotion of the lethal barbarism of abortion (denounced by civilized nations since Hippocrates) is a base abandonment of the ideals of their founders, the organization deserves nothing but strict and energetic opposition from those genuinely dedicated to fighting human rights abuses.

If you would like to add your voice to those urging Amnesty International to drop its new promotion of abortion rights, please use this page to find the appropriate contact information for your country.

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