Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alveda King Canceled by Des Moines Principal -- Talk Was Too "Moral"

Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, was scheduled to speak to the students of Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. But that was before Kathie Danielson took over as principal. Alveda King is now out.

Why? Danielson says that there were some complaints about Ms. King's pro-life views. Danielson told the Des Moines Register that she examined King's presentation beforehand and "quite a bit of it does talk about civil rights, but there is a connection to morals."

Hmm. Danielson wants no morals in her school...not even anything "connected" to morals?


One would suppose that the principal wants the students of Roosevelt High School to be honest, punctual, respectful, diligent, and so on. She probably wants the same from her teachers, aides, and custodians. Yet, the irrationality of modern culture (at least as typified by government school officials) allows Danielson to make this absolutely moronic statement without seeming to be a bit embarrassed.

This is another in a wide pattern of selective political correctness gone amok -- courtesy of your tax dollars.

If you would like to register your opinion of Ms. Danielson's action (She is, after all, a government worker who is on record as paying attention to citizen input.), you can do so by using either of these contacts:
Roosevelt High School
Address: 4419 Center Street, 50312-2299