Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nebraska Abortionist & Planned Parenthood Sued Because of "Botched Abortion" Damages

I had talked with a Lincoln pro-life leader last week about a recent situation in which a fire truck and ambulance had rolled into the Planned Parenthood facility there in order to retrieve what was most likely a secondary victim of one of Meryl Severson's abortions. Severson is the doctor, fired by the University of Medical Center over ethics violations, who now kills preborn children for Planned Parenthood in Lincoln, Sioux City and Council Bluffs.

Well, our suspicions have now been clarified as this news story in the Lincoln Journal Star, long a pro-abortion newspaper, reports.

A 40-year-old Nebraska woman said in a lawsuit filed Friday that she had an emergency hysterectomy because of a botched abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Lincoln last month.

The woman, who is not named in the lawsuit, said she lost four liters of blood — the equivalent of 80 percent of the average woman’s blood volume, according to the lawsuit — and that the procedure caused her excruciating pain.

Lincoln attorney Jefferson Downing, who filed the lawsuit in Lancaster County District Court, as well as a complaint with the Nebraska Health and Human Services Department on behalf of the woman, said his client felt violated by the treatment she received at the clinic.
“Our client has filed these complaints to bring to light the negligent actions of Planned Parenthood and Dr. (Meryl) Severson,” Downing said in a prepared statement. He said the woman is identified as Jane Roe in the lawsuit to protect her privacy. He declined to provide any information about her outside of statements in the complaint...

...The plaintiff is claiming negligence and battery in the lawsuit, and is seeking $36,850 for past medical expenses and unspecified damages for physical pain and mental suffering, permanent injury and lost income.
Neither defendant is covered by protections under the Nebraska Hospital-Medical Liability Act, which sets limits on damage amounts, the lawsuit said.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was about eight weeks pregnant when she contacted Planned Parenthood in July and scheduled an abortion at the South Street Center.
The woman and a friend arrived at the clinic at 9 a.m. Aug. 17, and, according to the suit, the woman had an ultrasound, which indicated a tilted uterus. After a wait of several hours, the woman was taken to an examination room and given an injection in her cervix, the lawsuit said. She then heard a suction sound, felt pressure in the uterus and “immediately complained of excruciating pain.”

When she told Severson and the attendants to stop, the suit said, the doctor replied, “We can’t stop.” Three employees then held the woman down while Severson completed the suction, according to the lawsuit.
Afterward, the woman felt sharp pain, nausea and was bleeding, the lawsuit said. While in the recovery area, her friend tried to help her to a bathroom, but she passed out, fell to the floor and suffered the first of three seizures, the lawsuit said.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue was dispatched to the clinic, and took her to BryanLGH Medical Center East.
A signed operative report from a physician at the hospital said the woman had experienced a “catastrophic perforation” of the uterus during the abortion. Downing provided a copy of the report in which the doctor’s name was blacked out.

Because of the “extensive nature of the trauma,” the report said, the physician summoned a second doctor and they performed an emergency hysterectomy on the woman. The doctors took photographs of the uterus to show the damage, according to the lawsuit.

“Had she not received emergency care when she did, it is my professional opinion that the patient could have hemorrhaged to death,” the doctor said in a signed summary provided by Downing.