Monday, August 20, 2007

Abortion Is a Very "Unclean' Business

Steven Ertelt from has a couple of stories about the grim (and grimy) realities of abortion mills:

1) New state government papers show health inspectors are significantly behind in their task of checking on abortion centers in New Jersey to make sure they are complying with health and safety laws. The revelation follows the closing of two abortion centers there for serious violations.

State health inspectors recently closed an Atlantic City abortion business that has been found to have multiple health code violations.
The problems at the Alternatives abortion center were so profound that state officials could not let it stay open. Earlier this year, state officials closed the Metropolitan Medical Associates abortion business in Englewood after a botched abortion went so badly that a young woman nearly died as a result.

Now, the Atlantic City Press newspaper has uncovered new papers from the state showing that health officials inspected just one abortion business in the past two years before these recent ones. That's despite a state requirement that abortion centers be probed every other year.
The newspaper obtained state records showing that past inspections found health code violations in almost every case....

2) A leading Missouri abortion business has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn a new state law that protects women by requiring abortion facilities to meet basis health and safety requirements. The law is slated to take effect on August 28 but abortion centers are concerned it will put them out of business. They say the stringent requirements could result in the closing of abortion businesses that are unable to comply.

Under the law, abortion centers would be monitored by the Department of Health and Senior Services as ambulatory surgical clinics, which must meet higher standards for both the facility and staff.
That designation applies to any abortion center where any second or third-trimester abortions are done as well as places that do more than five first-trimester abortions a month.

Planned Parenthood claims the new regulations would require extensive remodeling to its Columbia facility that would cost $2 million. Without the refurbishment, the abortion center would have to close because it couldn't meet the new safety codes.
Paula Gianino, president of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, previously said other abortion businesses could be affected as well...