Monday, July 30, 2007

"What Can We Learn from Francis Schaeffer?"

South African scholar and Christian apologist Ranald Macaulay is the coordinator for the unique work of Christian Heritage based at The Round Church in Cambridge, England. He is a son-in-law to the acclaimed and highly-influential Presbyterian theologian, Francis Schaeffer, of whom he writes warmly and knowledgeably about in this message, "What Can We Learn from Francis Schaeffer?", delivered to the European Leadership Forum in Eger, Hungary.

As a fellow who has appreciated Schaeffer for some 37 years one who has spoken a few times at the English L'Abri and been impressed with the work of Macauly and the team there...and as one who has been invigorated by the new ministry of Macauly, Ian Cooper and others there at Christian Heritage, I heartily recommend this article.