Monday, July 23, 2007

How the "Emergent Church" Endangers the Free World

An overstatement? Read this Frank Pastore column before you dismiss the connections he observes. True, it is a hard-hitting, uncomfortable read but only because he dares to believe that ideas have consequences. And his conclusions, you'll see, make plenty of sense.

The ideas in this case are those coming from the so-called "emergent church" involving, as Pastore describes them, "feelings over thoughts, the heart over the head, experience over truth, deeds over creeds, narratives over propositions, the corporate over the individualistic, being inclusive rather than exclusive."

And the connection he makes (a neglected one, but nevertheless quite rational and relevant) is how this de-valuing of truth affects United States foreign policy, the future of Israel, and the domination schemes of an intolerant and militant Islam.

...If the world is to be saved from Muslim conquest, it will be America who does it. And if America is to be saved, only conservatism can do it. And if conservatism is to be saved, it will be those Bible-believing patriots who do it–those conservative, evangelical Christians who are the bedrock of the American way of life.

Why? Because only Christianity has the intellectual and spiritual horsepower to defeat radical Islam and prevent the world from returning to the darkness of the 7th century. After all, the story of the birth and growth of Western Civilization is pretty much the story of the birth and growth of Christianity. The divide between East and West today, fundamentally, is the divide between Islam and Christianity. Christians and Muslims know this, it’s the secularists who don’t get it–or at least won’t admit it.

That’s why anything that helps to further separate the West from its Biblical roots ultimately weakens the resolve of the West to fight. Anything that helps the ACLU to further de-Christianize America, to further silence the Christian voice like the current hate-crimes legislation or the fairness doctrine, and to further weaken the Church and devalue the Bible as the religious left has done for decades, are things that empower our enemies and weaken our allies.

A post-Christian, post-modern, secular-socialist America will be no match for a radical Islam fueled by petro-dollars and threatening the use of nuclear weapons...

Read the rest of this important Frank Pastore column here.