Monday, July 23, 2007

Do You Read Eternal Perspective Ministries' Quarterly Newsletters? You Should!

One of the Christian ministries Claire and I most appreciate and respect is Eternal Perspective Ministries. EPM operates out of Gresham, Orgeon, but through the books and speaking of Randy Alcorn [shown at right], their remarkably resourceful web site, and a heritage of many years of prayerful service, the organization's impact has most certainly been global.

I have been pleased over the course of many years now to help promote Randy's books and the whole outreach of Eternal Perspective Ministries through my own speaking, through radio, and through our various internet voices. But today I wanted to underscore specifically the excellent opportunity you have to read EPM's quarterly newsletter. It is easy to order a hard copy through the mail (still my favorite way to read it) but you can get pdf files of EPM newsletters from this page of their web site right now.

So read through this summer's issue right here. You'll find there Randy's articles, "Is Abortion Right When Pregnancy is Due to Rape or Incest?" and "Should Giving Always Be Kept Secret?" There's also information about his newest novel, Deception, and about men's accountability groups. Linda Smith, Founder & President of Shared Hope International, has an article there entitled, "From Sexual Slavery to Restoration and Rebirth" and Chuck Colson rings in with a stirring piece about reclaiming our honor of and involvement in the Word of God.

Very good stuff. But don't just take my word for it. Read through this summer's edition and see if you don't agree with me that the Eternal Perspective Ministries quarterly newsletter is a must-read publication.