Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rapid Responses

In the wake of my post of May 25 ("You Always Hurt the Ones You Love: The Campaign Against Dr. Dobson Is Counter-Productive") in which I disagreed with the signers of a public censure newspaper ad directed (primarily) at Dr. James Dobson, I have heard both from Dawn Andrews of Focus on the Family and from Judie Brown, the Director of American Life League, one of the signatories of the open letter.

Miss Andrews’ note, as might be expected, was quite pleasant and full of thanks. However, equally cordial and kind was the note from Judie even though we remain in disagreement about the open letter itself. Judie’s note gave further elaboration as to why she signed the letter and, in my lengthy response to her, I discussed further those points of her argument on which I disagree as well as those on which I fully concur. As a result, despite our differences on this single matter, our longstanding friendship remains strong. Indeed, our respect and appreciation remains as profound as ever for one of the pro-life movement’s most treasured heroines.

So, thanks to both Dawn and Judie for taking the time to contact us. May God keep us all moving towards the center of His will.