Thursday, May 17, 2007

College of St. Mary's Does the Right Thing...Finally

Well, well, well...Omaha's kinda' Catholic College of St. Mary's has rescinded the invitation to Roberta Wilhelm to serve as this year's commencement speaker. This came about after a strong (and growing) protest because Wilhelm represents an organization (Girls Inc.) that advocates abortion rights, something that Catholic institutions are supposed to be against.

I'm pleased that this post on Vital Signs Blog, entered in the midst of our activities in Warsaw last week, contributed to the College's decision.

Sister Maryanne Stevens, St. Mary's president, told the Omaha World-Herald that the reason for her change of mind was,"I decided it had the potential to mar our graduation ceremonies that are truly celebratory events for our students and families."

Note that the "it" of Sister's sentence means the protest, not the heterodoxy of Ms. Wilhelm or the terribly foolish (and quite possibly immoral decision) on the College's part in inviting Wilhelm in the first place. Too bad.

Still, I'm pleased, of course, that the invitation was rescinded.

My thanks to Fr. Damien Cook's eloquent complaint against St. Mary's and to everyone who registered their disappointment of the College's irresponsible plans to have a pro-abortion commencement speaker. Speaking up can indeed make a difference.

The new speaker, by the way, is Norita Cooney, Vice President of the Sisters of Mercy's Omaha Regional Community.