Monday, April 30, 2007

Queering the Church? Not Exactly What John Wesley Had In Mind.

One wonders just what moral offense is considered too much by the leaders of such "progressive" denominations as the United Methodists?

The United Methodist-affiliated Boston University School of Theology hosted and sponsored an April 18-19 conference on "Queering the Church: Changing Ecclesial Structures." Speakers at the event on the Boston University campus delved into discussions of "hardcore queer theology," "triadic unions," "erotic relation with the divine," and the "queerness of God."

The term "queer," often used as an insult against homosexuals, has more recently been taken up by some radical gay and lesbian theorists as a badge of honor flaunting their non-conformity with social and sexual norms. This kind of delight in transgressing traditional boundaries was the prevailing spirit at "Queering the Church." Speakers almost seemed to compete against one another to see who could utter the most outrageous sentiments furthest from Christian orthodoxy...

Read the rest of this sad story right here. It's found at the excellent web site of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, an organization which closely monitors the slide into irrelevance of the liberal churches.