Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Sinking Ship of the National Association of Evangelicals

"Creation Care" is the new slogan for religious greens.

But, whatever you call it, the issues remain the same -- hard science vs. soft-headed environmentalism, biblical teachings on creation and stewardship vs. pantheistic notions of Mother Earth, and responsible political choices vs. playing the chump for leftist designs which are injurious to the economy and counter-productive even to their stated goals.

Here's the Christianity Today story about the impending implosion of the National Association of Evangelicals over the global warming craze.

I left the NAE (over other issues) nearly 25 years ago. But these recent actions by Richard Cizik, Leith Anderson, L. Roy Taylor and the rest of the NAE Board demonstrate that my fears of where the organization was headed were, unfortunately, well founded.

Here's part of what the Family Research Council had to say about the matter:

For the last few years, NAE's Vice President for Government Affairs has been adding fuel to the fire of the global warming debate and giving the impression that not only NAE but Evangelicals at large agree with the hysteria of the global warming crowd. While there is growing consensus that the earth is warming slightly, there is no consensus that humans are the main cause.

Those pushing global warming are proposing a radical agenda as the solution to a problem that is not yet fully understood. In part, this solution calls for population control, which is code for abortions, condom distribution and mass sterilization.

Here is what NAE's Vice President, Rich Cizik, said at the World Bank last year. "I'd like to take on the population issue," he said. "Population is a much more dangerous issue to touch... We need to confront population control and we can - we're not Roman Catholics - but it's too hot to handle now."

Very sad.

For sounder advice on biblical responsibilities regarding the environment, I suggest Christians read An Open Letter to the Signers of “Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action” and Others Concerned About Global Warming prepared by the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance.

And if you would like to share your views as an evangelical (or even as one of those Catholics whose beliefs on so-called birth control seem so alarming to Rev. Cizik), please use this contact information:
For e-mails to various offices in the NAE (I sent my note to the President), use this page.

For regular mail, use this address:
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