Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scientology Mounts a European Offensive

Scientology, the most feisty and far-fetched fantasy among modern cults, is making a bold effort to win over a skeptical Europe. With dramatic new headquarters, new propaganda, even a new German-oriented mega-flick starring Tom Cruise, the religion of the extraterrestial Thetans come to earth is showing a keen desire to make Europe its new landing area.

Here's how the English-language edition of Der Spiegel views the developments (note too the little box with related stories at the foot of the page) and here, as a side story, is a bit about how the Cruise biopic is upsetting the family of the man Cruise portrays.

And, as far as Scientology as a religion goes, I suggest you connect back to this Vital Signs Blog post of a couple of years ago, What's Behind Tom Cruise's Religion? A Hard Look at Scientology.