Friday, March 16, 2007

The Power of Television

Here from the "Vital Signs Radio" vault is a 2002 presentation that dares to challenge the ever-increasing power of "the box" in our culture, a power that almost everyone must admit has weakened our moral sensibilities, sold us a bill of goods we could not afford, and turned us into a people who consistently prefer to watch rather than do.

This interesting, illuminating 10-minute audio file can be a very important "wake-up call" as we are reminded of the huge amount of our time, our money and our minds that have needlessly, fruitlessly been handed over to the television.

Perhaps it might even encourage you to secure an audience from your church, Sunday school, small group, school class or whatever for my presentation, "Escaping the Power of the Tube." It's a fun, interesting and very helpful talk. What do you think?

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