Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Congressional Addiction to Pork Shows Even in Iraq Retreat Bill

You gotta' laugh...or you'll start crying.

James Lileks has a darkly humorous piece on that most darkly humorous of all American institutions: the greedy, goofy and glory-seeking United States Congress. In particular, he examines the many and various "earmark" spending items that the Congress inserted into the Iraq retreat bill. It's a funny but ultimately infuriating article.

Having signaled the desire to court defeat in Iraq, the Democrats have passed a goody-laden bill that shows their desire to lose the battle against wasteful spending.

Pork: It's the other white flag!

Don't worry — this ammunition-appropriations bill actually spends money on ammunition; Congress wants the troops to have sufficient bullets to cover their retreat. What's really getting all the attention, besides the requirement that the U.S. quit the field by 2008, are the payouts given to various members of Congress who wanted their palms greased before they voted YES to supply the troops. Let's examine some of the delights contained in the bill's rich nougat center...

Read the rest of Mr. Lileks column here.

And please let your Congressmen know your opinions on this atrocious action, especially those like Chuck Hagel who voted for it. Here's a very helpful page for contact information.