Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Would the Chavez Power Grab Look Like If It Happened Here?

New York Sun writers Michael Rowan and Doug Schoen have done an excellent job in helping Americans understand just what Jimmy Carter's friend Hugo Chavez' unmitigatedly corrupt power grab involves -- and what lives and liberties it endangers throughout the hemisphere.

Among other things they envision, a Chavez-like takeover in the U.S. would equate to:

-- winning all 435 seats in the House and all 100 in the Senate, and packed the Supreme Court with nine sycophants that never rule against him;

-- asked his rubber-stamp Congress to let him legislate unilaterally including amending the Constitution, and 100% of the members of Congress voted for that;

-- decreed under these powers that he can run for re-election to the presidency for life;

-- plan to decree that cities and states will no longer be governed by elected mayors and governors, but by people's committees named by him;

-- owned or controlled all but a few TV and radio stations that either cover his endless speeches averaging 40 hours a week or risk losing their broadcast licenses;

-- created one political party and denied the rights of citizenship to recalcitrant members of opposition parties;

-- took over the Federal Reserve and spent the national Treasury as if it were a personal checking account;

-- funded his campaign with government money and publicly and repeatedly threatened government workers to vote for him or be fired;

-- dictated wages, prices, interest rates, profits, and currency exchange rates under the economic theory that he knows best...

And that's not all.

This is an important read.