Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ABC News Recognizes Abortion's Collision Course with Technology

First we saw the TIME/CNN story that was fair (even respectful) to pro-life CPCs. And now here's ABC News with the admission that the birth of a very tiny baby creates a very big problem for pro-abortion folks.

Ken Shepherd, one of the faithful "watchmen on the wall" over at the Media Research Center, sent along this note to alert me to this remarkable development. Ken wrote...Just thought I'd pass along this blog item my colleague wrote about some surprisingly life-affirming news on ABC on February 20.

The colleague Ken refers to is Brent Baker of and the blog post concerns last night's ABC News coverage of the wonderful birth of Amillia at just 21-weeks old.

Anchor Charles Gibson teased: “A tiny miracle that raises big questions in the debate over abortion." Setting up his top story, Gibson acknowledged the impact on the abortion debate: “The fact that she has survived and grown to more than four pounds, and is about to go home, is a miracle, yes, but a miracle that may have an effect on the debate over abortion. And it may change what people think about life.”

Check out Brent's post right here. And thanks for the tip, Ken.