Wednesday, January 24, 2007

March for Life 2007

It is, by far, the largest annual public event in Washington, D. C. It is, by far, the largest youth-oriented event that occurs annually in Washington, D.C. But it is also the most under-reported event in Washington, D.C.

It is the March for Life.

Held every January 22nd to mark the tragic, shameful Roe v Wade decision, the March is also an important renewal of commitment for the thousands upon thousands of pro-life advocates who come from all over the nation to participate. Quint, Matt, Dick and Claire and I were there this year and over the next few days, I'll be posting comments and photos from our own experience. I hope you find them of interest.

If you've got the time, you can even watch and listen to the speakers who addressed the crowd before we marched. Those speakers include President Bush, March for Life organizer Nellie Gray, Sam Brownback, Chris Smith, and many more. The video is on this C-Span page. I think you'll find it very inspirational.

By the way, virtually the only MSM news coverage of the March for Life does come via C-Span and so I suggest an e-mail be zipped along to the organization to thank them. The address is: