Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Letters Are in the Mail

Here are a few more letters from Monday night's P.A.L. Night...letters of polite but firm conviction about the moral issues that are of such weighty importance to our nation. I print them in hopes that visitors to Vital Signs Blog will follow suit and write a few letters of their own. And, for those who would like more information on how to create an effective P.A.L. Night yourself, please zip us an e-mail at

Matt wrote the following note to the Speaker of the House about the recent vandalism of the U.S. Capitol. (See this post for more info.)

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

It was with much dismay that I read the news accounts of the anti-war protestors defacing our national monuments. Since the Chief of the Capitol Police is accountable to you, I feel it is appropriate to ask your office about the protocols and orders surrounding this event. Certainly, there was a different set of rules for the anti-war protestors than those normally in effect.

Was this because your views and ideology were aligned with these protestors? It certainly seems that way. Please correct this situation by bringing the offending parties to justice. In the future, do not let bias and ideology get in the way of fairness, decency and order.

Thank you.

The Democrat Senator from Nebraska was one of only seven from his party to support the Constitutional freedoms of speech, press, and redress of grievance by voting "FOR" the Bennett Amendment to S.1. Therefore, Quint wrote to Ben Nelson with this thank-you:

Dear Senator Nelson,

Thank you so much for voting for S.1, the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 with the Bennett amendment. Without this amendment, family value organizations would have been seriously (and unfairly!) restricted from informing us concerning important legislation, thus hampering our right to “petition the government.” This is the heart of democracy.

God bless you.

One of Chet's letters last Monday night was this one to Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry:

Dear Lee,

Thank you for your continued support of righteousness and common sense in the House. In behalf of those virtues, I write to urge you to work to defeat HR. 254 by speaking on the floor, personally talking with other House members and, of course, with your vote.

As has happened in other nations, this type of legislation has successfully been used to intimidate and even muzzle religious believers who teach that homosexuality is a sin. Also, the noted psychiatrist, Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, has described how when homosexuality is “normalized” through legislation or any other means, there is a resultant shift in cultural values that leads to an acceptance of many other forms of sexual perversion, including the scourge of pedophilia.

We continue to pray for you – for courage and divine leading. God bless you.

Matt wrote this quick letter to his Nebraska State Senator about the anti-cloning measure intoduced in the Nebraska Unicameral by freshman Senator Mark Christensen:

Dear Sen. Christensen,

Thank you for introducing LB 700. This took an incredible amount of courage especially as a freshman senator. I will be praying for the quick passage of this bill and against the attacks of the likes of Ernie Chambers and the UNMC.

Thank you very much. I will also invite my senator, Mike Mines, to make sure that he will support this law.


Remembering this Vital Signs Blog post, Quint penned this note to Jerry Jones of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys:

Dear Mr. Jones,

I love NFL football and the Dallas Cowboys have a great and distinguished history in the league. However, your support of Planned Parenthood is hardly to be esteemed and encouraged. You may not know that Planned Parenthood is the primary abortionist in the United States today. Surely, you don’t want the Dallas Cowboys to be supporting an organization that destroys life. I urge you to immediately stop your support for Planned Parenthood.