Friday, December 15, 2006

Rick Warren Urged to Demonstrate Greater Commitment to Pro-Life Issues

Agape Press is reporting --

A Christian activist group is asking one of the most popular pastors in the nation to show more concern about the violence against women and children through abortion. Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California, recently hosted an AIDS summit at his church. Warren came under fire from many in the evangelical community for inviting pro-abortion Senator Barack Obama to speak during the event.

Now Pat Mahoney, who is executive director of the Christian Defense Coalition, is encouraging Warren to speak out on issues other than AIDS. "We wonder why Pastor Warren on one hand would embrace government policies when it comes to AIDS but, on the other hand, run from it when it comes to abortion," Mahoney says. "And we would say [to] Pastor Warren, 'Exhibit the same commitment. You believe the government should actively be involved in a policy toward AIDS, and we agree with that. [But] what about the horrible tragedy and violence and terror of abortion?'"

The Coalition leader says he has asked Warren to take part in an international summit on abortion and the Church. "We've extended an invitation for Pastor Warren to come speak at a pro-life prayer event in front of the [Wichita, Kansas] clinic of George Tiller, the most notorious abortion doctor in America," Mahoney explains. "And we are also trying to partner with Saddleback to have a [pro-life] summit there -- the same kind of summit he had on AIDS and the church ...." So far, says Mahoney, Pastor Warren has not responded to the invitation.