Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On Blogging During the Christmas Rush

With Christmas coming on like a glorious winter storm, my schedule hasn't allowed for much in the way of blogging this last week. And, I'm afraid, the next few days leading up to the Day itself will not be much better. Not that I'm complaining -- good gracious, no. Christmas around here creates almost as much joyous excitement as at the North Pole. Nevertheless, what with entertaining, writing and sending Christmas cards (e-mail as well as the "old school" method), making treats for our "Santa runs" to friends' houses, planning the Christmas dinner for several guests, shopping, the welcome spiritual excercises of this holy season, and so makes it especially difficult to fit blogging activity in.

But, I will try and set some time aside to make sure Vital Signs Blog stays current -- even through Christmas. After all, the battle for our culture, our faith, our very minds wages as hot as ever

But, please do make a point of getting over to The Book Den in these days for there you will find posts more directly related to the serenity, joy and spiritual challenge of this terrific holy season. Be sure to utlize the Topical Index to search "Christmas" posts even from last year.

Now, back to work.