Monday, December 04, 2006

Annual Vital Signs Ministries' Christmas Celebration Tonight

There's not too much blogging going on this morning because I've got to scoot on over to Christ Community Church and get to cooking.


Yes, the annual Christmas Celebration sponsored by Vital Signs Ministries is being combined this year with our annual Chili Supper! And that means I'll be cooking up enough of my famous Rocky Mountain High Chili to feed 150 people. Alongside that, we'll be serving a bit of Aunt Minnie's "Frightened Chicken" Soup, followed by wassail and plenty of Christmas cookies. It's always a great time as we pro-life activists celebrate the Advent of Christ together. We'll share a few brief updates on Vital Signs happenings, savor the sweet fellowship of like-minded Christians...and, of course, dig in to the chili and extras.

For the locals who haven't yet made your RSVP, you can still come. Don't fret, we'll squeeze you in somewhere.