Monday, December 04, 2006

Abortion by Midwife Promoted in Medical Journal

A good friend, Cyndy Swanson, alerted me to this preview of an upcoming Lancet article. It's a doozy. Sure, demanding that midwives be allowed to perform abortions is nothing new. With the shortage of physicians willing to be known as abortionists, anti-natal organizations have been talking about this for some time...despite the seemingly obvious dangers to women such a slide would represent. But, let's face it; the shrill demand for abortion trumps all other considerations: preborn children, morality, erosion of the sanctity of life ethic, and even women's health.

But what is new is the issue being touted by a prestigious medical journal and under the guise of a scientific study, no less.

And, oh yes; also rather new is the extremism of the rhetoric accompanying the supposedly high-minded article. An example? The outlandish claim that more women die every year from illegal abortions than were killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima!