Monday, November 20, 2006

Why Does a Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Politician Earn the Spotlight of Saddleback Church's Pulpit?

Remember how Bill Clinton "played" Rev. Bill Hybels when Hybels invited the smooth pseudo-Christian to address a leaders conference at Willow Creek Church? It was a ridiculously naive move of the evangelical pastor, one that allowed a wolf in sheep's clothing a choice opportunity to distract, disarm and deceive the flock.

Well, now we've got the popular author and preacher, Rev. Rick Warren, following suit.

It apparently wasn't enough that Warren attracted quite a bit of criticism from conservatives over his recent "foot in mouth" problem of criticizing the U.S. action in Iraq while praising the government of Syria. No, Warren has decided to move further towards the liberalizing of his evangelical congregation at Saddleback Church in California by inviting Congressman Barack Obama into the Sunday morning pulpit.

Do you think that Warren will make clear in his introduction that Obama has energetically promoted the homosexual agenda or that he has, in all ways, supported abortion and worked to increase funding for Planned Parenthood?

This represents a serious default of responsibility on the part of Rev. Warren. Conversing with Obama about these matters? Certainly appropriate and part of one's Christian duty. But to leave over the pulpit to such a man, one who, like Clinton, is smooth, ambitious and well skilled in utilizing religious rhetoric to secure very irreligious ends? This is a travesty.