Thursday, November 09, 2006

Texas Infant Denied Medical Treatment by Court

Law prof Rick Duncan sent me a "heads up" last night about the most recent travesty in our culture of death's embrace of euthanasia...

Denny: have you seen this Texas case?

Life-Support Stopped for 6-Month-Old in Houston


"Yesterday Sun Hudson, the nearly 6-month-old at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, diagnosed and slowly dying with a rare form of dwarfism (thanatophoric dysplasia), was taken off the ventilator that was keeping him alive. A Houston court authorized the hospital's action, and Sun died shortly thereafter. Today's Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning News have most of the details.

Both papers report that this is the first time in the United States a court has allowed life-sustaining treatment to be withdrawn from a pediatric patient over the objections of the child's parent. (The Dallas paper quotes John Paris, a bioethicist at Boston College, as its source.) If true, the unique Texas statute under which this saga was played out contributed in no small way to the outcome.