Friday, November 17, 2006

De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Here is a late October report from American Life League explaining how Planned Parenthood officials are becoming a bit more nervous about the amounts of government funding they will be receiving. I'm sure that the Democrat sweep of Congress and the Senate have the PP scalawags feeling quite a bit safer but actually now is a great time to again make your voice heard about the outlandish amounts of taxpayer money that goes to the abortion conglomerate. After all, they are already rich beyond belief from the profits of "birth control" pills, surgical abortions, and so on. And, beginning this week, the high markup dollars from the sale of "Morning After" pills will start rolling in.

So, let's remind our political representatives (Democrats and Republicans) of how tragic, unfair and socially counter-productive we believe Planned Parenthood's tax funding to be. You can use the information from STOPP to rev up your engines and increase the potency of your letters or, if in a pinch for time, you can at least avail yourself of American Life League's online petition.