Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beware the Ortho Evra "Birth Control" Patch

Enjoying unlimited sexual pleasure but yet, at all costs, avoiding childbirth has become an irrational passion in the West -- even when those costs mean women submitting themselves to the unnatural violence perpetrated by an abortionist or ingesting powerful drugs that dangerously alter their system.

How dangerously? Well, the studies show grave dangers to women from all chemical "birth control", not to mention the lethal effects these drugs can have on unborn babies when "breakthrough ovulation" has occurred.

This brief article about Johnson & Johnson's Ortho Evra Patch is just one tragic case in point.

According to Johnson & Johnson's third quarter SEC filing for 2006 , there are over “1,000 claimants who have filed lawsuits or have made claims regarding injuries allegedly due to Ortho Evra.” [1] Ortho Evra, also known as the birth control patch, is a transdermal hormonal contraceptive which is applied weekly to the skin. In addition to being a contraceptive, the patch can act as an abortifacient by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg.

Serious health problems have been associated with Ortho Evra including fatal and non-fatal blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and death. From April 2002 to December 2004, over 27,974 'adverse effects' were reported by users of Ortho Evra.[2] Many of the complaints are serious, and the patch is alleged to be responsible for over 23 deaths, including the death of 14 year old Alycia Brown.[3]

The claims keep mounting – last week a lawsuit was filed on behalf of 40 women against Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and the manufacturer of Ortha Evra.. The lawsuit alleges that the Ortho Evra patch was responsible for the serious health problems, including the death of one user.[4]

"We were saddened for these women and their families but not surprised by the news of these cases," says John David Hart, of the Law Offices of John David Hart in Fort Worth, who represents women who have used the Ortho Evra patch. "All of the women we've met with and all of the research we've done suggest that this is a real problem and that women are being harmed by using this drug."[4]

Again, the rest of this Ruben Obregon article can be read right here.