Friday, October 27, 2006

Nicaraguan Congress Votes Against Abortion: Will the President Sign the Bill?

This A.P. report about the Nicaraguan Congress voting to make abortions illegal is clearly slanted -- like usual, the giveaway is in the first paragraph -- but it is nevertheless a story which encourages those who yet desire some semblance of moral sanity to return to our hemisphere.

For instance, this news story should resemble the following:

Preborn Children Finally Receive Legal Protection

Nicaraguan lawmakers today signalled that the end to the barbarous period in which abortionists preyed on women and their preborn babies may be in sight as they passed a bill outlawing these dangerous and immoral acts of violence. The Congress also voted to increase the penalties on those who defy not only nature (and now the law) by continuing to commit such heinous crimes.

But, alas, the days of such coverage, at least by the organs of the mainstream press whose ardor for abortion has been so strong for over 40 years now, falls most definitely in the "Fat Chance" department.