Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Elderly Patients Used for Experimentation in Israel

...At least four doctors at Hartzfeld and Kaplan became known as geriatrics experts on the basis of research allegedly based on illegal experiments. Some doctors submitted articles to medical journals in Israel and abroad on the basis of the experiments, which appear to have provided a foundation for their professional and academic advancement.

The Health Ministry report found that doctors violated the law by experimenting on patients who either did not provide consent or were not mentally capable of providing consent. Some of the experiments did not have any medical or scientific benefit, and some were conducted even though senior doctors warned that they were illegal and unethical...

Here's a preview of the next terrible stage in medicine, the experimentation on live human beings without their knowledge or consent. What the Allies properly viewed as wicked science following World War II, Western culture is now moving towards in headlong, headstrong fashion.

But after all, we've accepted the most gruesome brutality and murder towards preborn human life and we've broken the formerly unthinkable strictures regarding human engineering. We've even embraced euthanasia as a positive good.

So why not tempt a holy God in Whose image we were created just a little further by using the elderly as previous scientists used lab rats?