Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The September "LifeSharer" Letter of Vital Signs Ministries

For those visitors to Vital Signs Blog who do not receive the monthly letter of Vital Signs Ministries but who yet might be interested in the behind-the-scenes activities of this evangelical pro-life organization, the current edition can be found right here. This month's letter includes material about sidewalk counseling, the Morning After Pill, speaking engagements, blog stuff, and our "Book It!" and "Faith & Films" programs.

We hope you find it helpful in understanding the principles, priorities and regular practices of our work, one that has been going strong for "the least of these" since 1982. We also hope that reading the "LifeSharer" letter will encourage you to pray for Vital Signs Ministries and perhaps even consider becoming part of our "LifeSharer" team with an ocassional donation. The contact information is right there at the head of the letter.

(By the way, the photo shows Michael Reagan with Claire and Denny Hartford at last year's fundraising banquet for the Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research.)