Thursday, September 21, 2006

Protestant Church Ordered to Cede All Property to Eritrea's Despotic Government

The People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), is the one and only political party allowed in Eritrea. It is a rogue regime, decadent, dangerous and devoted entirely to protecting its own power, regardless of how much it fails the citizens of the country.

No national elections have been held since the country won its independence from Ethiopia in 1993. And using as an excuse that Eritrea remains at war, the Marxist government has refused to implement the 1997 constitution that respects civil and political rights.

The government has arrested thousands of citizens for expressing dissenting views, or for attempting to flee the country, or on suspicion of not fully supporting government policies. They have also arrested thousands of Eritreans who practice an “unregistered” religion even as they keep tightening the screws even on those supposedly protected.

But that's still not enough persecution for the gangsters of the PFDJ and this report from Compass Direct News explains how one church is being "legally" robbed of all it has.