Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where To Go for News of Religious Persecution

Police in Belarus disrupt, harass and eventually arrest Christians enjoying a camp meeting...In Uzebekistan, new penalties including jail time are pronounced for talking about one's faith...Chinese officials continue their campaign of severe persecution of unlicensed churches...A Christian orphanage in Sri Lanka is threatened...

The sad list of crimes against the freedoms of religion, assembly, speech and conscience (and the above are just a few of those being reported in the last few days) just keep multiplying in our world.

But how does one best stay abreast of at least some of these important injustices? How can believers find relevant information to fuel their prayers and their advocacy efforts?

There are several excellent organizations and news services whose central concern is the persecuted Church. The ones I list below are those I most regularly consult:

Forum 18

Christian Freedom International

Christian Monitor

Christian Solidarity

International Christian Concern

Voice of the Martyrs

May God grant each of these His abundant blessings. May He use them to help win freedom and justice for those now under fire from intolerant governments and groups. And may He increase their effectiveness in mobilizing believers around the world (like you and I) to pray and act more diligently in behalf of the persecuted.