Saturday, August 26, 2006

"When God Is Ready For Her, God Will Take Her, Not Anyone Else"

From Carrollton, Texas comes yet another story of how overly eager are the euthanasia advocates within the hospital and nursing care systems. It is therefore yet another frightening example of why a "firebreak" law is needed like the Humane Care Amendment that will be on the Nebraska ballot this November. Take a look...the report below is an excerpt from the coverage given the case by the Dallas/Ft.Worth NBC station.

A North Texas woman is waging a battle for her mother's life and she said the outcome could affect all Texans as a medical investigation uncovers a little-known law that could take away a patient's right to live.

"She is more than my mom. She is my best friend," daughter Lacresia Webster said.

Lacresia Webster's mother, Ruthie Webster, is in a coma at Regency Hospital in Carrollton.

"She walked into the dialysis center and she rolled out on a stretcher and her heart just stopped," Webster said.
Four months later, Ruthie Webster's family is battling doctors and a little-known Texas law from pulling the plug. "I find it hard to believe this is a law, because you're basically saying if this person is a burden to someone, let's just kill them, and that's unacceptable," Lacresia Webster said.

But that is what a 1999 state statute allows. A doctor and a hospital ethics committee can overrule living wills and the wishes of family members.

In a letter to the Websters, the hospital said dialysis treatments should be stopped because doctors have seen no positive change in Ruthie Webster's condition and believe the condition is futile.
Family members said that goes against their mother's wishes. "She told her children in no uncertain terms, 'Do everything you can if something like this happens,'" lawyer Allen Reaves said...

Again, the rest of the story, including a video report, is right here.