Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What College Freshmen Don't Know: The 2006 Version

Beloit College has released its latest “Mindset List,” to help academics understand what freshmen know — and what they don’t have a clue about. Reading through the list is a big help (though a bit daunting) for old geezers like me but, whatever your age, I think you'll find it very interesting.

A few teasers from the list?

1. The Soviet Union has never existed and therefore is about as scary as the student union.
8. They are wireless, yet always connected.
11. A coffee has always taken longer to make than a milkshake.
22. Mr. Rogers, not Walter Cronkite, has always been the most trusted man in America.
24. Madden has always been a game, not a Super Bowl-winning coach.
30. Non-denominational mega-churches have always been the fastest growing. religious organizations in the U.S.
37. Brides have always worn white for a first, second, or third wedding.
41. They have always been able to watch wars and revolutions live on television.
53. They have always preferred going out in groups as opposed to dating.
55. They have always had access to their own credit cards.
63. Television stations have never concluded the broadcast day with the national anthem.
75. Professional athletes have always competed in the Olympics.