Monday, August 28, 2006

Law Prof Rick Duncan Takes On the Morning After Pill on National Public Radio

This afternoon an e-mail came in from Rick Duncan, one of our pro-life heroes who is also a good friend. Rick is an ace law professor at the University of Nebraska Law School and, by the way, was the fellow responsible for getting me into the blogosphere.

Denny, I was on NPR today (with Sen. Patty Murray) talking about "Plan B" the morning after pill. Your blog helped me prepare....

The NPR program Rick refers to here is Talk of the Town and in his arguments against the Morning After Pill, Rick must take on not only Patty Murphy but also the NPR representatives on the program. Murphy, a Democrat from the state of Washington, is one of two Senators who strong-armed this FDA decision. The other was Hillary Clinton.

But though the deck was stacked in favor of the Morning After Pill, Rick does a terrific job in defining when life begins and in presenting both the unreported dangers of the drug and the political implications of the FDA being coerced by left-wing politicians.

Excellent job, Rick. And thanks too for the encouraging e-mail.