Monday, July 17, 2006

Waxman Waxing Wroth Over Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

The radically pro-abortion Congressman, Henry A. Waxman, is screaming mad about those pregnancy centers that are getting a little bit of federal funding. True, he has no problems at all about the huge dollops of dough the government dishes up for Planned Parenthood every year. Nor does he mind that PP dispenses bad advice and bad condoms (the worst on the market as determined by independent labs); and protects perpetrators of sexual crimes against minors; and promotes programs that are blasphemous and over-the-top in indecency; and, oh yes, performs more surgical abortions than anyone in the country.

No, Congressman Waxman isn't bothered by any of those things.

He's buzzed about CPCs.

Therefore, using his Committee on Government Reform Minority Office, Waxman has produced a new "study" claiming that federally funded pregnancy resource centers are misleading pregnant teenagers. About what? Waxman argues that that these CPCs tell callers that abortion is linked to breast cancer, infertility, and mental illness.

Well, Congressman; they are.

But Waxman is no slave to truth; he simply arranges words to make "facts" out of his own predilections. And the MSM (mainstream media) goes right along with him. For instance, this article is one of several around the web today singing Waxman's tune.

Look for a lot more of these type of attacks on CPCs (and any other faith-based program) that gets even the smallest amount of government money. After all, the secular left is a monopolistic ideology with a strict and aggressive zero tolerance factor.