Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"The Survival of the Fakest"

Recently the arresting documentary, Icons of Evolution, was shown over at the Hartfords' as one of the summer series of films and book discussions sponsored by Vital Signs Ministries. Since then we've been passing it around to others as well as enthusiastically urging its purchase in DVD form for use by churches, schools and families. It is really quite effective as an introduction to the scientific-based criticism of Darwinian evolution that has so dramatically emerged in the last couple of decades.

By examining such well-worn evolution "evidence" as Darwin's tree of life, Haeckel's embryo chart, and the beak changes of certain Galapagos finches, the film Icons of Evolution (and the book by Dr. Jonathan Wells it is based on) clears up errors and leaps over logic that have been used to promote Darwin's theories for over a century even as it allows into the debate fresh facts and ideas which have been distorted, ignored and even forcibly repressed. It is a fine and stimulating film -- one so persuasive that the Darwinian dinosaurs have made tremendous efforts to discredit it.

Here's an article which covers a few of the highlights from the film and the book. It was originally published in the American Spectator in January 2001 but it has now been uploaded on the web by (among others) the Discovery Institute. It is entitled "Survival of the Fakest" and is written by Dr. Jonathan Wells, whose doctorate in molecular and cell biology was earned at U.C. Berkeley and whose doctorate in religious studies was earned at Yale.

You'll want to print this one off and keep it -- better yet, print off a few copies and pass some around. But don't let the learning experiences stop there. Here's the web site hosted by Dr. Wells with additional articles and more information. Also, why not consider buying the film and the book so that you'll be better prepared to engage in one of the most exciting, tumultuous (and important) intellectual battles of our day.