Monday, July 10, 2006

The Inconvenience Continues: Al Gore's Manic, Misinformed & Misleading Movie

Canadian aerospace engineer and veteran writer, Tom Harris, zipped over an e-mail last night referring to an earlier post here on Vital Signs Blog about the Associated Press "puff piece" on Al Gore's movie, "An Incovenient Truth". That Vital Signs post had included references to an excellent article of Harris' in the Canada Free Press which examined the many unfounded claims regarding global warming and he was sending along a thank-you for our citation.

He mentioned too that he had recently written another article specifically tackling Gore's movie which had been published by the National Post (Canada) entitled, "The Gods Are Laughing." I read it this morning and it is also a very fine article -- relevant, very detailed and cleverly written. Don't miss it.

Thanks for the "heads up", Tom.