Saturday, July 29, 2006

Does the Pro-Life Movement Care About In Vitro Fertilization?

Pro-abortion columnist Michael Kinsley answers the above question in the negative. “In short, if embryos are human beings with full human rights, fertility clinics are death camps—with a side order of cold-blooded eugenics,” writes Kinsley in the National Post. “No one who truly believes in the humanity of embryos could possibly think otherwise.”

Furthermore, Kinsley goes on in his article to portray pro-lifers as inconsistent and hypocrital because they don't oppose fertlity clinics that create expendable embryos.

But Kinsley is engaging (as he usually does) in selective reporting, conveniently ignoring the wide array of pro-life leaders and organizations (including Vital Signs Ministries) that has steadfastly protested any and all philosophies, methodolgies and practitioners that endanger preborn children.

So, let's set the record straight, okay? John Jalsevac, writing this article for LifeSite News gives a fuller, more accurate look at the issue.