Monday, July 31, 2006

Anarchy in the Classroom (And I'm Talking About the Teachers)

Sol Stern has written a detailed, probing and profoundly disturbing article in City Journal about the takeover of the public education system by the left's most radical activists. It is an important read.

In the article, Stern highlights the career of Weather Underground bomb-thrower (literally), Bill Ayers, who decided that his anarchism could be better served from inside the educational establishment than from merely blowing up buildings. And he was right -- he's found success beyond his wildest dreams in his endeavors to undermine capitalism, democracy and traditional cultural values.

But that's not all. Stern's in-depth article also explores the extremism of today's liberal education reformers who are not only distorting (or denying altogether) the historic values of Western civilization when they teach courses in history, literature and economics but which seeks to bring socialism and even anarchism to such seemingly secure subjects as math and science.