Friday, June 23, 2006

Today's Town Hall Selections

There is always something good cooking over at Town Hall.

No surprise. With the best, brightest and boldest conservative commentators around, the place just can't help but serve up delicious (and good for ya') dishes every day.

My suggestions for today's menu?

* Fried Dixie Chicks (courtesy of Lorie Byrd's column, Not Ready to Make Nice)

* The Down Under Sampler Platter (courtesy of Charles Krauthammer's column, A Loyal Ally, Mate)

* Hawaii's Favorite Meat By-Product (courtesy of Mona Charen's The Spamalot Party)

* And topping it off with a dish of Fresh Bozell (courtesy of Brent Bozell's Whining About the "Web Mob")

Bon appetit!