Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The FRC Take on the Buffet/Gates "Philanthropy"

From the Family Research Council's e-mail update --

The press is gushing over Warren Buffett's announcement that he and his wife will give the lion's share of their immense wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A sizable chunk will also be given to foundations run by Buffett's wife and children. Here at FRC we have long memories. Consequently, we suggest one charitable project the Buffetts' have a moral obligation to fund. Back in the 1990s, the Buffett Foundation gave $2-3 million dollars to fund research and clinical trials needed to bring RU-486, the abortion pill, to market. Thanks to the Buffetts, and other promoters of abortion for population control, the drug was fast-tracked and approved under an order from President Clinton. Since then, approximately 500,000 American babies have been killed with RU-486.

There has also been some "collateral damage" as they decreased the surplus population. At least, six American women have been killed following RU-486 use, and three of those women left children who are now motherless. Buffett's billions have the potential to do damage like this on a global scale. His foundation over the years has given millions to the likes of Planned Parenthood, Pathfinder International, the Population Council, and more besides.

It has been reported that Buffett and Gates visited communist China in 1995 and made sure to visit a "family planning" clinic along the Yangtze. China's one-child policy has had a history of coercion, which went unremarked on the Buffett-Gates tour. It would be tragic if the new funds flowing into the Gates Foundation further today's assaults on the sanctity of human life, especially when the population bomb that is actually detonating is the one whose ideological fragments are wrecking Europe's fertility and contributed to so much pessimism about the Continent's future.