Sunday, May 07, 2006

Double Standards of Free Speech on Campus

Let's see now...

* small white crosses set up by pro-life students to commemorate the victims of abortion are banned from campus (or even trashed by vandals);

* persons holding conservative opinions about politics or morality can be denied speaking opportunities on campus (or shouted down and physically assaulted if they are invited);

* representatives of the Gideons are refused permission to hand out Bibles on campus;

* students holding to a belief in the intelligent design of the universe are ridiculed on campus and even discriminated against when it comes to test scores, assignments, and grades;

* Christian clubs, flyers announcing Christian events, posters describing the services of Christian pregnancy centers, etc. are not tolerated on campus;

But..."art exhibits" which feature watercolors depicting homosexual sex acts and sculptures of male genitalia illuminated in a box? That not only passes muster for campus display but for exhibition in a public park!

And what about the offense to passersby caused by these exhibits? Says Brooklyn College College Provost Roberta Matthews, "Throughout, the administration of the college has supported our students' rights to freedom of artistic expression."

Right. But only, that is, if "our students" express the correct views -- views as determined by intolerant, obscurantist, cowardly bureaucrats as Ms. Matthews.