Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Couple of Victories for Limiting Government Spending

In case you didn't catch Bob Novak's column from earlier this week telling of victories in both the House and the Senate by foes of excessive "earmark" spending projects, here it is. I think you'll be encouraged after reading it...maybe even enough to send along an "attaboy" to Senator Tom Coburn, newly installed Majority Leader of the House John Boehner, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Congressman Mike Pence, and Congressman Rodney Alexander. Their e-mail addresses (and other contact information) can be found at their web sites. Just click on their names to go there. Below is an excerpt of Novak's article:

...On Thursday, Coburn proposed to eliminate $15 million for "seafood promotion strategy." McCain told the Senate: "Let me save the American taxpayers $125 million right now by telling all Americans now to eat seafood. Eat seafood. It is good for you." When Coburn rejected Cochran's call for a voice vote, the normally calm Appropriations chairman in a fury made a non-debatable tabling motion to kill Coburn's proposal. The astounding outcome was a 51 to 44 bipartisan victory for Coburn and McCain, following years of failure in such initiatives.

After the vote, Coburn could be seen on the floor animatedly lecturing a silent Cochran. It can be guessed he was promising to hold the Senate's feet to the fire on one earmark after another. Coburn this coming week will propose removing from the bill $500 million to be paid Northrop Grumman for lost income caused by Hurricane Katrina. The outcome will indicate whether last Thursday's events on Capitol Hill truly point to new congressional concern about using taxpayer money.