Friday, April 14, 2006

Education By Example: Professor Leads Students in Vandalism of Pro-Life Display

A college professor at Northern Kentucky University encouraged her students to vandalize a pro-life display members of the campus Right to Life group set up to oppose abortion. Not content with urging students to trash the memorial, Dr. Sally Jacobsen participated in the vandalism and was caught on camera by reporters from the student newspaper.

Members of the Northern Right to Life, the campus pro-life group, set up hundreds of crosses on a campus lawn to memorialize the babies who have died from abortion since Roe v. Wade.

After Dr. Jacobson and NKU students destroyed the display, members of the group decided to put new crosses up in their place and camp out overnight on Thursday to make sure they weren't vandalized again.
The student group also told The Northerner student newspaper it plans to press charges with local police. has the whole sad story right here.