Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Prayers Are Always In Order -- For All Of Us

Lucianne Goldberg's news roundup is one of our favorite spots on the web, usually the first one we visit every morning. She and her team provide important news stories, many of which would slide by unnoticed if lucianne.com wasn't there to post links to them.

Also, Lucianne's comments about the day's major stories frequently say more in 6 or 7 words than others say in paragraphs. And frequently she adds just the right touch of humor that will help keep you smiling even in the midst of every day's culture wars. She is a treasure.

And, oh yes -- did I mention her Photo of the Day (like the one shown above from her site) should never be missed? Lucianne.com -- bookmark it and make it a frequent stop in your own travels through cyberspace.