Monday, February 27, 2006

Courage and Compassion in Kansas

In an effort to keep others from making the same tragic mistake that she did, State Representative Brenda Landwehr, a Republican from Wichita, admitted to undergoing an abortion several years ago. This confession came when Mrs. Landwehr was debating a bill on the house floor that would require health and safety inspection of abortion clinics in the state. She hadn't planned to do so but moved, as she later said by God, she emphasized her point that abortion “traumatizes women” by explaining to her colleagues there in the State Capitol that, “I live with that pain every single day because I killed a baby.”

The Kansas House passed the bill by one vote. It must now make it past the State Senate.

By clicking on the title of this post, you can go to the online news page of the local ABC-TV affiliate, KAKE, for the story. That page also has a link to a video presentation of the station's on-air report which includes a brief interview with Landwehr.

If you'd like to send along an encouraging thank-you to Representative Landwehr, you can do so by mailing her at the Kansas State Capitol, 300 SW 10th St., Topeka, Kansas 66612 or at this e-mail address.