Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Coburn Exposes Government Junket Spending

My respect for Tom Coburn, the august conservative Senator from Oklahoma, continues to grow. Yesterday, the "pork-hunting" maverick revealed for the American taxpayers just how much of their donations to the federal government are being used to finance politicians and bureaucrats going on junkets, fact-finding trips and other "Gee, I'm going to a conference in a really cool foreign place" trips. Want a figure? Just since 2000, the amount is nearing $1 and a half billion. That's b (as in boondoggle, bloated, bamboozle and bilk) billion.

Michelle Malkin has a summary in her Town Hall column today.

You will also find it worthwhile to take a visit to Senator Coburn's own web page to learn more about his dedication to fight wasteful government spending. Especially relevant there is his "Pork Busters" category. You'll see that the good Doctor (truly exceptional among politicians) is practicing what he preaches.