Sunday, February 26, 2006

Award-Winning Film Portrays Heroic Muslim Suicide Bomber

The post just previous to this one concerned the West ignoring the ongoing murders of innocents by fanatic Muslims. This one shows another element of Western culture's cooperation with the savages who would destroy it; namely, the glitzy glorification of a film which "stars" a Palestinian suicide bomber killing innocent Israelis.

Paradise Now has already won at the Golden Globes. Next stop? The Academy Awards.

And with all the positive hype being given by the Hollywood Left to the more illustrious, more expensive Munich by Steven Spielberg, another adamantly anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian film, who's to say that Paradise Now isn't set to bring home the Oscar?

And yet, knowing full well the extreme immorality and crazed political philosophy that Hollywood stands for, Americans (even American Christians) are spending their dollars and their hours at the movie theaters more than ever. Sigh.

Clicking on the title of this post takes you to a revealing story about Paradise Now from the (U.K.) Observer.