Thursday, January 26, 2006

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry's Remarks at the March for Life

It is a rare thing when Nebraska is represented on the platform of the March for Life in Washington, D.C. But this year, Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry was among the pro-life political representatives encouraging the crowd to keep up their good work defending the sanctity of life. Here is a transcript of his comments:

"Good afternoon. It is such an honor to be with you today to peacefully gather and celebrate the beautiful gift of life. I am particularly encouraged by the many young people here. Despite the culture of death that rages around you, you courageously challenge the nation's leadership -- especially the impoverished decisions of the Supreme Court -- showing the world that we can be a country of life giving love.

Together we say abortion is a fundamental injustice against women and their unborn children -- that abortion has caused a deep wound in the soul of our country, resulting in untold grief and violence.

The early feminist movement recognized this, and we recognize it today.

We say that women deserve better, especially those who feel coerced into abortion. For abortion is so often a decision brought on by emotional and physical abandonment. And what is the result? An unborn child dies. A woman is left scarred. A man escapes his responsibility. And the abortion industry profits from this pain.

The beautiful thing about the pro-life community is that we offer hope. We pray, we plead to our society: Please do not make the choice for abortion. Please do not go down that road. You deserve so much better.

And yet even if someone makes the tragic decision for abortion, we still say we support you and we love you. We will help you heal. Our voices are the voices of hope and compassion.

I want to especially thank those here today who are living with post-abortive struggles. We honor your bravery, your honesty, and your strength. Your recognition of the gift of life and the poignancy of your stories are making a significant contribution.

Thank you all for your sacrifice. Thank you for your courage. And thank you for your wonderful dedication to our message of hope and healing. Together we will rebuild our society with a true respect for women--and the beautiful gift of life."